Tuesday, March 16

new workout

I love switching it up.  Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to change up our weight routine.  We had been using free weights, in a routine that I described in an earlier post.  We switched to a Bowflex routine, and I am incredibly happy with it.  A lot of people say that free-weights are better than machines, because you can work more muscles in a single movement, but I like that the Bowflex allows me to hit each individual muscle in multiple ways.  In the book that came with the Bowflex I have (which is a rather old model) there is a body building routine that I am very content with.  The first day you work your chest and shoulders, the second is back and arms, and the third is legs and trunk.  Then you take a day off and start all over again.  I have been feeling the results already, and we've only done the circuit twice!  I'm looking forward to seeing a change in myself - hopefully just in time for bikini season!

Tuesday, March 9

first outfit post

I always enjoy looking at the outfits posted in other fashion blogs, so I thought I might try to do the same thing in mine. This is from yesterday.  The sweater is vintage; I love the way the light passes through it.

This is today's outfit.  The top is from Target (my place of employment; I never seem to leave a shift without buying something).  The pants are from Old Navy, and the shoes are Collin Stuart.

Tuesday, February 23

rainy days

I really wish this rain would stop.  There are only so many times I can wear skinny jeans, boots, and sweatshirts... Sunshine please!!

Ordered my wedges today.  I'm so excited!

Monday, February 22

change it up

I've been working out regularly for a while now, and I'm always searching for new ways to get exercise so that I don't get bored.  Whether it's taking my dog for a walk, playing DDR (so much fun!), or doing a cardio video, I try to change things up to keep myself interested.  I find it a lot harder to motivate myself to keep up my routine if I'm always doing the same thing.  I used the gym at my university last week, and I found that I really enjoy the change of scenery and the atmosphere of working out with a bunch of other people.  My boyfriend has a night class, so I'm hoping to be able to hitch a ride with him and use the gym at school more frequently.  I really like the recumbent bikes; it's one of the things I can't possibly do at home, so I like taking advantage of new equipment when I can.

Sunday, February 21


Fitness has become a major part of my life.  I started working out in high school; I was a pretty overweight kid until then, and I got addicted to the way exercising made me feel about myself, and I love seeing how different work outs change my body over time.  Right now I'm doing a three-days-a-week weight routine, along with 75 minutes of cardio every day (as my schedule allows).  The weight routine is:

Day 1
calf raises
bench press
bent-over rows
push ups

Day 2
shoulder presses

Originally both workouts were supposed to include squats, but my knees have been slowly deteriorating and will not allow me to do them.  I also do an ab video from Shape, which I absolutely love.  I used to do a different video, and had been very happy with that one, but just by changing my routine I've seen an improvement in my tone and definition.  It's amazing what a little change can do for you.


I have decided that I definitely need several pairs of leggings; thus far I only have one and I wear them way too often.  At first I wasn't positive whether I was going to like them or not.  I have rather big hips and I didn't think leggings would suit me.  They probably don't, but I love them and I feel like I wear them appropriately so as not to make myself look absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, since I have to make a purchase anyway, I figured I may as well treat myself to a little something and save on shipping so I am purchasing these as well...

I absolutely love wedges for warmer weather.  They come in so many different styles and they're so comfortable to walk in, which is important when you're running from class to class throughout the day.  I love the chocolate brown color and the pattern of these; I'm so excited!

hello all

I have long admired many fashion blogs made by creative, brilliant women, and they have inspired me to make one of my own.  I cannot possibly hold a candle to any of those experienced bloggers out there, but we all need to start somewhere, right?