Sunday, February 21


I have decided that I definitely need several pairs of leggings; thus far I only have one and I wear them way too often.  At first I wasn't positive whether I was going to like them or not.  I have rather big hips and I didn't think leggings would suit me.  They probably don't, but I love them and I feel like I wear them appropriately so as not to make myself look absolutely ridiculous.

Anyway, since I have to make a purchase anyway, I figured I may as well treat myself to a little something and save on shipping so I am purchasing these as well...

I absolutely love wedges for warmer weather.  They come in so many different styles and they're so comfortable to walk in, which is important when you're running from class to class throughout the day.  I love the chocolate brown color and the pattern of these; I'm so excited!

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