Monday, February 22

change it up

I've been working out regularly for a while now, and I'm always searching for new ways to get exercise so that I don't get bored.  Whether it's taking my dog for a walk, playing DDR (so much fun!), or doing a cardio video, I try to change things up to keep myself interested.  I find it a lot harder to motivate myself to keep up my routine if I'm always doing the same thing.  I used the gym at my university last week, and I found that I really enjoy the change of scenery and the atmosphere of working out with a bunch of other people.  My boyfriend has a night class, so I'm hoping to be able to hitch a ride with him and use the gym at school more frequently.  I really like the recumbent bikes; it's one of the things I can't possibly do at home, so I like taking advantage of new equipment when I can.

1 comment:

  1. This post makes me realize that I have been doing the same workout, to the same video, for the past four years. Haha!! :)