Sunday, February 21


Fitness has become a major part of my life.  I started working out in high school; I was a pretty overweight kid until then, and I got addicted to the way exercising made me feel about myself, and I love seeing how different work outs change my body over time.  Right now I'm doing a three-days-a-week weight routine, along with 75 minutes of cardio every day (as my schedule allows).  The weight routine is:

Day 1
calf raises
bench press
bent-over rows
push ups

Day 2
shoulder presses

Originally both workouts were supposed to include squats, but my knees have been slowly deteriorating and will not allow me to do them.  I also do an ab video from Shape, which I absolutely love.  I used to do a different video, and had been very happy with that one, but just by changing my routine I've seen an improvement in my tone and definition.  It's amazing what a little change can do for you.

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