Tuesday, March 16

new workout

I love switching it up.  Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to change up our weight routine.  We had been using free weights, in a routine that I described in an earlier post.  We switched to a Bowflex routine, and I am incredibly happy with it.  A lot of people say that free-weights are better than machines, because you can work more muscles in a single movement, but I like that the Bowflex allows me to hit each individual muscle in multiple ways.  In the book that came with the Bowflex I have (which is a rather old model) there is a body building routine that I am very content with.  The first day you work your chest and shoulders, the second is back and arms, and the third is legs and trunk.  Then you take a day off and start all over again.  I have been feeling the results already, and we've only done the circuit twice!  I'm looking forward to seeing a change in myself - hopefully just in time for bikini season!

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